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dryad noun - Derived from the ancient greek word for oak, a dryad is a tree spirit.


Yoga & Plant Medicine

Mindfulness in Motion

Cultivate wellbeing holistically.  Dryad Yoga offers private and small group classes in Kripalu yoga, plant medicine, philosophy, tantra, and healthy lifestyle.  In the beautiful Olympia, WA summers, the forest is often the classroom where students learn to identify plants and interact with gratitude. Check out our courses, classes and workshops. Begin your journey toward wellness today. 

Change your Story,

Change your Life

5 Week Online Series

Reclaim your personal power, break old patterns, and create new ones that support a more balanced and fulfilling life. 

What do yoga and plant medicine have in common?

In order to connect with and communicate with plants, and to intuit the plant medicine that will be right for a person, we must be sensitive to the subtle body. The yoga tradition offers mindfulness practices that get us in touch with the subtle body, and hone our capacity to live from deeper and deeper layers of reality. As we deepen, an awareness of the life force flowing through all things emerges. The understanding that we exist in a collective mind becomes clear. We unfold into a pervasive and spontaneous wisdom, an undeniable knowledge of the deep nature of things.


About Kat Eggers   

E-RYT 200

Kat's yoga style combines 20 years of experience in Kripalu Yoga, Tai Chi and Hakomi mindfulness. 

Her classes weave together movement and held poses with moments of stillness where students can get mindful and integrate.

Kat uses her in depth understanding of anatomy and physiology to foster health and healing in every class. She believes the journey of yoga is about allowing the authentic self to unfold, and that honoring the wisdom of the body is one of the most profound and most accessible acts of self-compassion available.

A biologist trained in herbalism, she is passionate about deepening our relationship to place through plant identification and sacred ecology.  To learn more about Kat's philosophy and approach visit the blog.

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